News Italo canceled eight trains due to the Ministry of...

Italo canceled eight trains due to the Ministry of Health ordinance on spacing


Due to the order signed on Saturday by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza asking to keep the distance on high-speed trains, Italo was forced to cancel eight rides that were to take place today, Sunday 2 August: the list it’s here. The news was given on Saturday evening by the managing director of Italo NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), Gianbattista La Rocca, and by vice-president Flavio Cattaneo.

Trenitalia has instead made it known to newspapers that there should be no cancellation of his trains and that he will try “to guarantee the journey for all passengers, perhaps placing them in other classes in compliance with the rules on distancing. If this is not possible, we will send a message to the customers informing them that they could be relocated to other companies at similar times, or if they wish, they will have the full refund of the ticket ».

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In an interview with RepublicLa Rocca criticized the ordinance and the short notice with which it arrived, saying that “to maintain compliance with the ordinance we will be forced to cancel some trains, with inconvenience for many passengers on the eve of the holidays”. Cattaneo has it spoken instead on Rete4 at the broadcast Italy tonight, explaining that the trains will be canceled “because according to the order of Minister Speranza they are outlawed”. He also said that “we will give refunds to our customers, but tomorrow many people will not find his train at the station”.

The ministry’s order came following numerous protests provoked by Trenitalia’s decision, to which Italo had also adhered, to return to fully filling seats on high-speed trains. The decision had caused controversy and criticism from the Civil Protection Technical Scientific Committee (CTS), although the possibility of a derogation from the distancing was contemplated from the dpcm of 14 July and guidelines of the Ministry of Transport.


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