Italian museums began to monitor the reaction of visitors

Фото: Bologna Museums Institution

The emotions of visitors will be studied in museums in Italy

Italian museum institutions have lost about 190 million euros due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the museums of the Italian city of Bologna, the ShareArt system began to work, which allows you to analyze the reaction of visitors to a particular exhibit. About it reported Bloomberg.

Special cameras calculate how attentively the guests looked at the masterpieces, how long they stayed near the work of art, and reads what emotions prevailed at the same time.

In this way, the system generates an “attractiveness rating” for paintings, sculptures and artifacts. With the help of it, the curators hope to understand how to plan the space of the exhibition halls based on which exhibits are more interesting for the guests.

Museum curators have decided to use this technology to exhibit more highly acclaimed works and increase the number of tourists. So they want to reimburse some of the proceeds that museums have lost from coronavirus restrictions.

The system was developed by a team from the government agency ENEA. The first version of ShareArt was ready back in 2016, but testing in museums has just begun. The developers of the system claim that the privacy of visitors will not be violated. It is only important for museums to collect the emotional reaction of art lovers.

It is noted that, on average, people spend 4 to 5 seconds at each exhibit. Very few jobs hold visitors for more than 15 seconds.

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