Italian media told about Ivan from Plovdiv, who died while working in Sardinia

Ivan Hristozov, 38, died in a tragic accident at his workplace in Cagliari, on the island of Sardinia, on December 5. More than a month and a half later, the Roman daily “Republika” devoted an article to him, so that his story would not remain only as part of the “banal statistics”. The tragic incident with Ivan is another case of death “at work”, according to the newspaper, which maintains a permanent column on deaths at work in Italy. The media periodically tells the story of each of the victims. The newspaper wants to make known all the tragedies of those who go to work but do not return. Therefore, he is trying to appeal to the institutions and politics in this way, with the aim of putting an end to this “crime in peacetime”.

Ivan Hristozov, born in Plovdiv, died at work in Cagliari, crushed by the cab of his truck. He left the workshop where he was being repaired. According to the newspaper, Ivan together with his older brother Svetoslav, 42 years old, had an import and export company and transported to Bulgaria the cars bought in Cagliari. He has been doing this work since he lived in Italy with his family – his wife Milena and his sons Angel and Christian.

Many of the family’s Italian friends sent messages to express their condolences but also their respect for Ivan, “whom they will remember with great affection and with gratitude to life for having met him and for having worked with him,” as it says Antonio. Alessandro remembers how he once met Ivan and Sveto, who were “more than brothers”. “Nice people don’t go away, they stay forever,” he adds. The bar staff next to Ivan’s workshop also wrote that they will always remember him as a polite and nice boy. Francesco claims that he is pained by the loss of Ivan and that he was for him like “the brother he never had”. Vanessa also thanked Ivan for the help he provided to her relatives. Antonello will remember him “as smiling and with a sense of humor, a great worker”.

In 2020, there were 1,022 victims of accidents at work in Italy.

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