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It was a heart-warming story from the first wave: a baker from Milan wanted to give local residents who were struggling financially a helping hand. Every day he put baskets full of bread and other treats for his bakery. Whoever needed it could serve. Now the man himself has died from the effects of the virus. That reports The New York Times.

Gianni Bernardinello (76) was a baker, but above all warm of disposition. “To lend a hand to those who need it,” it read by the baskets of free bread, pizza and cookies he placed for his bakery. Whenever someone took something out of the baskets, he discreetly went to his studio. He hid in order not to embarrass the people. Nobody takes pride in accepting alms.

“He always said that they were leftovers from the day before,” a friend of Bernardinello told the newspaper. “But towards noon I saw him add some fresh loaves. He was really concerned with the people. ”

Although his daughters would have loved to see him auction indoors, he couldn’t be knocked away from his furnaces. “These four walls have not known a day without bread in 130 years,” he kept saying. “Even during the bombing in 1943, baking was done here.”

Bernardillo died on November 9 from the consequences of the corona virus. He is survived by two daughters, four grandchildren and his wife. Samuela, one of his daughters, will take over the bakery. “He has always taught us that we need help where we can. And people will always need bread. ”

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