It will take approximately 12-14 hours to complete the Callisto Protocol


New horror from the creators of the original Dead space will offer players a narrative campaign that is not too long, but very intense. Representatives of the firm Impressive distance in a conversation with the editors of EDGE magazine, they reported the approximate duration The Callisto protocol. According to the developers, it will take the passage of the Callisto Protocol 12-14 hours real time.

For some players, the duration of the Callisto protocol may seem too short, but you can spend even more time playing the game if you study the position carefully. According to the game designer Glenn Scofield, the player will be able to discover the so-called “beta paths”, which should diversify the passage of the location and arouse the interest of attentive players. They will allow you to explore additional areas and reveal new secrets. The developers tried to disguise them so that players could actively communicate with each other and try to find all the hidden passages.

Recall the one shown above chic poster The Callisto protocol for the EDGE journal.

The Callisto protocol will be released on PC and console on December 2, 2022.

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