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It will still be a long suffering. The next wave of the epidemic will be in January or February, says Dušek

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Dušek said that the number of new cases of new coronavirus infection may stabilize in the coming weeks. In a week or two, he said, the tracing and smart quarantine system could capture all occurrences of a new type of coronavirus.

“But the epidemic will not end, we will slow down its speed, but we will not stop it and destroy it,” Dušek emphasized. The virus causing covid-19 will remain in the Czech Republic and will probably not “miss” the period in which respiratory diseases are regularly the most common. Dušek added: “We are going to the peak of all respiratory diseases, in January or February we will still fight for returns, but we must do everything to ensure that they are not uncontrolled.”

Hospitals must also provide other care

Deputy Minister of Health Vladimír Černý reiterated that hospitals will be instructed at the beginning of next week to start resuming emergency care. However, they will have to be prepared for a possible further influx of patients with covid-19.

According to him, without the restoration of all care, there is a risk that the number of deaths from other types of diseases and in different age groups than caused by covid-19 will increase.

Data on victims prefer to be delayed

According to Dušek, it makes sense to publish data on the number of deaths infected with covid-19 after about three days to a week. According to him, the data are not accurate enough in real time, and their later corrections give the public the impression that the statistics are changing backwards.

In an interview with the irozhlas server, Dušek said that for covid-19, it would be enough to wait for three, four or five days to report all the letters about the inspection of the deceased: “It will be at least a little complete”. He also mentioned a week in CT as a time lag, but pointed out that he did not have a mandate to change it: “It is a matter that should be decided by the Ministry of Health in some official communication plan.”

Statisticians now publish the current issue of the day, which, however, is added over the next few days “because outpatient examinations, autopsy reports, etc. are coming, giving lay readers the impression that statistics are changing x days back.”

Last week, Dušek’s statement at the House Health Committee that he would like to “turn off the broadcasting of the mortality number” attracted attention. However, according to him, there would be a threat of “unleashing the media hell”. Dušek said on Sunday that he had not intended the statement at the time. He emphasized that mortality data could not be concealed anywhere in Europe and the cultivated world, and no one even sought to do so: “Mortality is reported for all types of diseases, but retroactively to validate the data.”

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