It will be running in cinemas in Central Switzerland from June 30, 2022


The Minions rescue young Gru: These films will be released in cinemas in central Switzerland on June 30th

You can read here in our overview which other films will be showing in which cinemas in our region on Thursday, June 30th.

After Love

Mary, an English woman who converted to Islam, finds herself widowed in the port city of Dover after the unexpected death of her husband. She learns that he was hiding a big secret across the English Channel, in Calais. Englishman Aleem Khan’s multi-award-winning debut film is now also in Lucerne.

Bourbaki, Luzern.

Dear Memories – A journey with Magnum photographer Thomas Hoepker

Thomas Hoepker’s pictures became icons of photojournalism, like «Muhammad Ali’s Fist». He was the first German to be accepted as a full member of the legendary photo agency Magnum and later to run it as its honorary president. In 2017, Thomas Hoepker was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His last big dream: a road trip through the USA together with his wife Christine; a new edition of the journey that established Hoepker’s international reputation as a photographer in the early 1960s.

Bourbaki, Luzern.

Love things – preview

Lux, Baar: Sun 20.15; Pathé, Ebikon: Tue 20.30; Cinema8, Schöftland: Mon 8 p.m.; Seehof, Zug: Sun 12.00, Mon/Tue 20.30.

Minions – In Search of the Mini Boss (TheRise OfGru)

With the Minions (here: Kevin, Stuart and Bob, from left) into the colorful world of the 1970s: flower power, glitter, bell bottoms and disco feeling. The yellow, squeaking hoppers even learn the art of kung fu.

Bild: Universal Pictures

A suburb in the 1970s. Gru, the future super villain, is almost 12 years old, but he wants to get even better at being evil. His dream: to become a member of the villain gang «The nasty 6». But then everything turns out differently, and the minions who live in his basement have to save Gru. The sequel tells the childhood story of Gru; a somewhat predictable but entertaining animated adventure. (dpa)

Capitol, Lucerne; Verkehrshaus Filmtheater, Lucerne; Cinema Leuzinger, Altdorf; Lux, Baar; Pathé, Ebikon; Cineboxx, Einsiedeln; Maxx, Emmen Bridge; Engelberg cinema; Muotathal cinema (8 July 20:00, 9/10 July 17:00); Cinema8, Schöftland; cinema Schwyz; Cinepol, Sins; AfmCinema, Stans; Seehof, Zug.

Notre Dame is burning

Between fiction and reality: the new film by director Jean-Jacques Annaud (“The Name of the Rose”) meticulously documents the events that led to the devastating fire in the famous Parisian cathedral on April 15, 2019.

Pathe, Ebikon.

Slow[mo]Cinema – Kurzfilm­premiere

Moritz Millat with «an experimental journey through sound worlds of paradoxical tiredness of a young artist».

Stattkino, Lucerne: Fr 20.30.

Thor: Love And Thunder – various previews on Wednesday

Capitol, Lucerne; Lux, Baar; Pathé, Ebikon; Cineboxx, Einsiedeln; Maxx, Emmen Bridge; Cinema8, Schöftland; cinema Schwyz; Cinepol, Sins; AfmCinema, Stans; Seehof, Zug.


An old couple in the highlands of Bolivia. They wait for the rain for their llamas, which usually only comes once a year. The wide steppe has cracks everywhere, the well in the village has dried up. A story told in grandiose widescreen pictures about love and self-determination in old age, understanding between the generations, the inaction of the state, emigration and the slow loss of a way of life, of knowledge and traditions. Multiple awards, including at the Sundance Film Festival. (reg)

Stattkino, Lucerne.

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