It will be possible to circumvent the restrictions on the border with Slovakia, Matovič admitted

“I believe that a more responsible majority will follow the new rules. As in the first wave, we rely on the fact that 70, 80 and perhaps up to 90 percent of people are normal, “Matovič stated.

He added that to manage the pandemic, it is enough that a substantial part of the people follow the rules. “If we do not have hermetically sealed entire borders, we cannot fully ensure compliance with all rules. We rely on the fact that a substantial part of people follow the rules, and when the Czechia is red, they will not go to Brno to buy shoes, “added Matovič.

Random checks are expected at the common Czech-Slovak border from Friday. This was stated on Wednesday by the Slovak Minister of the Interior Roman Mikulec. However, he acknowledged that the concrete functioning, as it would be technically going, was still being discussed.

According to previous information, people traveling from the Czech Republic and other high-risk countries to Slovakia should have a negative coronavirus test result not older than 72 hours or enter a five-day quarantine in Slovakia and then undergo the test.

In the case of the Czech Republic, the obligation to submit a coronavirus or quarantine test result should not apply to commuters up to 30 kilometers from the nearest border crossing, students, teachers, researchers, health professionals, farmers, social workers or so-called critical infrastructure, and nor to some athletes and artists.

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