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Original title: It is revealed that Zheng Zhi is expected to appear in the Guangzhou Derby Fu Bo: they will participate in the training of the team every day

At 19:30 today, at the Yuexiu Mountain Stadium, the Guangzhou Derby of the Chinese Super League will start. For the past decade, the Guangzhou team has walked through the stadium with a “class tyrant” attitude, while the Guangzhou City team has always been famous for “eating, sleeping and playing Evergrande”. Every match of the derby is full of sparks and passion. However, in the 2022 season, the situation worsened and the “Guangzhou duo” both fell into disrepair, finishing second and third in the standings. “What we need to do now is see who can carry the Guangzhou football banner again!” Guangzhou City manager Li Weifeng said before the match.

It’s a six-way battle, and it’s an opportunity to cheer up

Until the 18th round of the championship, both teams are currently in the relegation zone. The Guangzhou team in the All-China class has only won three games so far this season, two of which have been won by the penultimate team of Hebei, and the other has been won by the Shenzhen team, which is about to change its trainer. The Guangzhou City team was even simpler and only in the last round did they win their first real victory in the Tianjin team. Attrition, excessive injuries, club financial crises or poor stock ownership process are real problems facing both teams.

Both teams have struggled to survive in recent times. Zhang Xiuwei, Li Xuepeng and Rong Hao from the Guangzhou team returned, Hao Junmin joined the hotline, and Tan Kaiyuan was about to return to the team. Coach Zheng Zhi and coaching staff members Huang Bowen and Zhang Chenglin re-registered as players and the repeated changes showed the team’s determination to avoid relegation. With Li Weifeng in charge, the Guangzhou City team is slowly emerging from the dilemma of the lack of senior generals. Guillermé’s return echoes Cardona’s ability to form a midfield and frontcourt. Ye Chugui, Chang Feiya, Tang Miao and Song Wenjie recovered. The return also made the Guangzhou city team barely able to carry out regular cooperation in the past, and the team spirit gradually recovered.

But if such a change can make the two teams survive in the league requires proof of the game: the derby met at the moment does not mean only a “six-point battle”, but also an opportunity for the team to cheer up.

This game also has a different meaning for the coaches of the two teams. Li Weifeng and Zheng Zhi are players from the same era. They have been teammates for many years in the National Olympics and in the Shenzhen soccer team. Chinese Super League Championship Trophy. This season, Li Weifeng led the team to defeat the Tianjin team in their debut. Zheng Zhi, the head coach of the Guangzhou team, also came to Yuexiu Mountain Stadium to watch the game.

In the Guangzhou football depression period, former teammates led the teams to meet on the pitch, which was the highlight of the match. Li Weifeng said frankly that he spoke with Zheng Zhi about football: “I wanted to meet first for a cup of tea, I think it was a normal match. That’s what I need to do now to make good use of the existing staff. We have good technical and tactical preparations. and provisions for personnel, including provisions for key personnel. “

Zheng Zhi can play and participate in training every day

Li Weifeng and Guangzhou team coach Fu Bo attended the pre-match press conference. They both believed that the importance of this game was evident. Li Weifeng hopes the team can be itself, “I really didn’t tell the players what to do, should you play something on the pitch, do you need to say these things? You still have to see the truth on the pitch, who will play, who should be held responsible”.

With no spectators entering the pitch and no big-name foreign aid, this game has been called “the weakest Guangzhou Derby” by the outside world. For such observations, Li Weifeng and Fu Bo have different points of view. With many years of experience as a player, Li Weifeng, who took on the burden of head coach at the most difficult time for Guangzhou City, felt a greater sense of responsibility on his shoulders: “Compared to three or four years ago, our two teams have both staff and foreign aid. There is a big difference. In the past, when people came to see the derby, they wanted to see the stars, see the team run towards the AFC Champions League and see what we can do for Chinese football. But in the last and a half seasons, both teams may have problems., what we need to do now is do what we need to do and see who can carry the Guangzhou football banner again. We don’t want to see problems with the two teams. Everyone wants to see our two teams survive. “

Due to the postponement of the last game round, the Guangzhou City team has rested well. Li Weifeng believes the team has a better mindset than when he first took office. However, both Cardona, who was injured in the last round, can return this round, Li Weifeng has some hesitation, “Yesterday he returned to the team to participate in joint training. I also talked to him. Do you think that his physical condition is still difficult to support. I will give him time and hope he can recover faster. “

Fu Bo laughed at his description of the “most abject Guangzhou Derby”, “The team has its ups and downs, no matter how you judge it, this is a phase for the team. When these children grow up, we could become the strongest. Team. We respect every opponent and we hope to show the future of the young players through the derby. “

In the last round of the championship, the Guangzhou team drew with the Tianjin team in ten men, which is a bit regrettable. The derby met the Guangzhou City team that was waiting for work and the Guangzhou team is bound to want to go all out to take 3 points. Faced with jokes on the Internet like “the coach (Zheng Zhi) is warming up”, Fu Bo replied with “anything is possible”, “Zheng Zhi and the others have signed up after all, and it is also possible that they will appear in la squad of players Take part in team training every day.

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