It was Filip, Eirik and Goran who lost their lives in the plane crash in Larvik

It was a plane from the flight school Pilot Flight Academy in Sandefjord that crashed in Larvik on Tuesday last week.

On board the plane were instructor Goran Neskovic (30) from Oslo and students Filip August Müller Frich (21) from Dombås and Eirik Paulsen (22) from Bodø. The names will be released in consultation with relatives in a press release from the police on Tuesday.

The plane was completely wrecked and it quickly became clear that there was no hope of finding survivors.

The police have been in contact with the next of kin, who are followed up by crisis teams in the respective home municipalities.

SAFE TRACK: Forensic scientists worked at the scene of the accident to secure tracks. The wreckage has now been taken to a workshop. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

Has started an investigation

The AIBN is now investigating the crash to try to get an answer to what happened.

On Wednesday, the wreck was transported away from the scene and into the Accident Investigation Board’s workshop in Lillestrøm.

– What we can say so far is that the plane has hit the ground hard and caught fire – thus there will be major damage. What is left is limited, says Kåre Halvorsen, department director in the Accident Investigation Board.

He says it can be demanding to examine the wreckage because there is little left from the plane.

– There are several factors that are important. We will gain an understanding of how the plane has hit the ground, and see if it may be a technical cause or not, says Halvorsen.

SEVEN BAGS: The wreckage was transported by helicopter in seven orange sacks.  Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

SEVEN BAGS: The wreckage was transported by helicopter in seven orange sacks. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

School in mourning

The pilot school Pilot Flight Academy has around 350 students on three campuses. Founder Frode Granlund says that everyone is strongly affected by what has happened.

– At school you live together and live together. All the students and staff know each other, so it’s hard for everyone, Granlund says.

Neskovic, Frick and Paulsen were out on a regular training trip when the plane crashed. The plane that crashed was a twin-engine Diamond DA-42 Twin Star.


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