It was discovered that there was a unique discussion amongst Ferdy Sambo, Bripka RR and Bharada E ahead of killing Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat

Jakarta – Circumstance homocide Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat o Brigadier J from official residence Ferdi Sambo, again revealing new details. Before Brigadier J died done by Bharad E in excess of command Freddy Sambo. A discussion amongst Ferdy Sambo, Bharada E and Bripka RR was discovered in advance of executing Brigadier J.

As is recognised, Brigadier J died following Ferdy Sambo’s formal home killed by Bharada E by order of Ferdy Sambo. Brigadier J’s killing is reported to have been brought about by the late Inspector Common Ferdy Sambo injuring the family.

The murder of Brigadier J which took location very last Friday afternoon (8/72022), last but not least four people have been selected as to suspect this is Bharata Richard Eliezer aka Bharada E, Brigadier Ricky Rizal aka Bripka RR, KM dwelling assistant Ferdy Sambo and Ferdy Sambo.

Image of Inspector Common of Police Ferdy Sambo with his aides, including Bharada E (yellow circle) and Brigadier J (red circle) / Unique

Update on the circumstance of Brigadier J, confession of Brigadier RR

Sooner or later uncovered, Bharada E nodded like offered Inspector Standard Ferdy Sambo killed Brigadier J, Brigadier RR did not have the braveness to do so shoot her good friend.

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