It turns out the Lakers didn’t make an official offer and the Pacers used the media to pressure the US media: the swap may still be lost in the season – yqqlm

Original title: It has been revealed that the Lakers have not officially offered the Pacers to use the media to pressure the US media: mid-season swap may still be missed

It was revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers were seriously considering swapping Russell Westbrook, but Lakers manager Darwin Hamm continued to unilaterally support Westbrook, but NBA reporter Josh Buha revealed that Lakers executives were discussing swapping Westbrook. Hamm’s press conference was delayed for a while. Westbrook is once again in a whirlwind of business.

The joint report by Josh Buha, Charania and Sam Amick wrote: The Lakers once reached a consensus within the Lakers, but did not issue a formal offer to the Pacers, nor did they have any discussions with the Pacers. . The team held several high-level internal meetings and multiple internal deal on Westbrook + 27/29 first rotation Hield + Turner. The team has been in business talks with the Pacers all summer and the Pacers’ only request was for our two first round picks.

Also because the Pacers asked for two choices in the first round, there were internal contradictions: does anyone think that it is worth doing everything to send Westbrook away? Can this agreement really elevate us? Key decision makers are reluctant to say whether transactions are still possible in the coming weeks or months and are not currently the nodes where transactions occur. As long as the Lakers are willing to send two picks in the first round, this trade can take place.

On October 5, Beijing time, Hoopswire reporter Sam Amick revealed that the Pacers have started trading Buddy Hield, and the next house to take over Hield is the Los Angeles Lakers.

He wrote in the report that the Pacers asked for two choices in the first round, but Pelinka was willing to send only one first round. It all depends on whether the Pacers can accept a first round or whether the Lakers can directly send two.

Los Angeles media laker Certral retweeted: The Pacers broke the news again to reporters, this to force the Lakers to make a trade.

The US media also wrote that the Lakers did not make an official offer, while the Pacers insisted on two choices in the first round. We must have a compromise, Westbrook + 1 first round + 1 Hield + Turner rotation seems to be the right solution.

If the Lakers manage to keep one of their first round picks then I guarantee the Lakers will be able to pick up a wing (wing wing) on ​​the takeover market before the new season’s commercial deadline.

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