It turns out that Papa Surya Ambl Andin at the Orphanage, Mama Sofia Married Again? Love Bond 12 September 2021

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – Papa Surya take Andin in the orphanage as a child, then is it true Mama Sofia remarry?

Love Bond 12 September 2021 re-airing tonight at 19.45 WIB on RCTI (if there is no change in broadcast hours).

Please note, this article is a review of last night and tonight’s prediction, soap opera Love Bond RCTI.

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Previously, Papa Surya has told about the past life of the birth mother Andin, Mama Sofia.

He told this in front of his beloved son, Andin.

Papa Surya reveal that time Papa Surya very happy after hearing Mama Sofia pregnant.

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Because he never had a baby from Mama Sarah, because Mama Sarah was always busy.



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