It turns out that East Jakarta people are the most fond of spending money, here’s the proof


Public consumption (households) are still the biggest pillar of the Indonesian economy. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the total household consumption of the Indonesian people in 2021 will reach Rp 9.24 quadrillion.

In other words, throughout 2021, the Indonesian people spent up to Rp 9.24 quadrillion. This value accounts for 54.4% of Indonesia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is IDR 16.97 quadrillion in 2021. This means that from the expenditure side, public consumption supported more than half of the national economy throughout last year.

Meanwhile, according to BPS data, overall the largest public consumption value in 2021 will come from the DKI Jakarta Province. It is known that the five cities in the Jakarta Province (East Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, North Jakarta, and Central Jakarta) are included in the list of 10 regencies/cities with the largest household consumption value in Indonesia.



In detail, in the first position as the Regency/City with the largest household consumption value, East Jakarta came from, with a cumulative value of IDR 439.85 trillion. Then, after East Jakarta, South Jakarta and West Jakarta, it follows as the Regency/City with the largest household consumption value in Indonesia

10 Regencies/Cities with the Largest Community Household Consumption Value

1. East Jakarta: IDR 439.85 trillion
2. South Jakarta: IDR 437.88 trillion
3. West Jakarta: IDR 415.15 trillion
4. Surabaya: IDR 348.85 trillion
5. North Jakarta: IDR 332.19 trillion
6. Bandung City: IDR 175.95 trillion
7. Central Jakarta: IDR 169.78 trillion
8. Kab. Bogor: IDR 162.61 trillion
9. Kab. Bekasi: IDR 133.87 trillion
10. Kab. Sidoarjo: IDR 119.62 trillion

For information, household consumption expenditure is expenditure on goods and services by resident households for the purpose of final consumption.

The household itself is defined as an individual or group of individuals who live together in a residential building, collect some or all of their income and wealth, and consume goods and services collectively, mainly food and housing.

While the final consumption in question is the consumption of goods and services to meet household needs.

Household final consumption includes:

– Value of goods and services derived from purchases;
– Estimated value of goods and services derived from barter transactions;
– Estimated value of goods and services originating from employers as part of labor compensation;
– Estimated value of goods and services produced for own consumption.

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