It took a stylist 7 hours to transform a grumpy old woman into a beauty

The transformation amazed netizens.

Florida resident Holly, by the age of 30, had only gone to the hairdresser five times. She grew her hair down to the middle of her thighs, as her father convinced her from childhood that only men needed short haircuts. But she Holly didn’t know how to take care of such a heavy mass of hair. She turned into a grouchy and dissatisfied woman, who also looked quite messy.

Everything was changed by a local stylist who decided to transform Holly on the eve of her wedding. The hairdresser complained about the bad quality of the hair and, with no regrets, cut it into squares. Thus the woman began to look much younger.

And then the painting process began. Holly had a complex shade of hair with a crown of chestnut and white locks, but this originality did not adorn her. The blond repainting required 4 long phases. In total, the designer spent 7 hours on the woman, during which time she transformed into a beauty. And the makeup artists from the beauty salon helped her with makeup. Holly was absolutely delighted with the transformation and netizens were amazed at her new look.

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