It starts on Monday evening and lasts for 5 hours … the sky of Egypt is witnessing a rare astronomical phenomenon that has not happened for 397 years

Dr. Nabil Helmy, President of the Heliopolis Association, said that the Child Center for Civilization and Creativity “The Children’s Museum” is preparing with astronomical telescopes to monitor a rare astronomical event, the moment of the greatest conjunction between the planets of Saturn and Jupiter, which is an astronomical phenomenon that has not occurred for about 397 years, due to the extreme and rare closeness Between them this year, which is estimated at 0.01 degrees, a difference of “one second”.

Dr. Nabil Helmy invited Egyptians from all walks of life, especially children. To attend the event “The Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter, scheduled for tomorrow, Monday, December 21st, and extends from five o’clock in the evening until ten in the museum headquarters in Heliopolis.”

For his part, Dr. Osama Abdel-Warth, Director General of the Child Center for Civilization and Creativity, said that the two planets Saturn and Jupiter are aligned and aligned when their orbits coincide every 20 years, but this year’s conjunction will be great, as this conjunction has not been observed between any of the planets since the Middle Ages, and the conjugation will not occur. Great between Jupiter and Saturn only after the year 2400.

Abdel-Wareth stressed that the phenomenon will be monitored with telescopes that will be provided by the National Institute for Astronomical and Geophysical Research headed by Dr. Jad Al-Qadi, which came according to a cooperation protocol between the two sides to implement joint and continuous activity throughout the year; With the aim of spreading astronomical culture among young people and children, and raising awareness in the fields of astronomy, geology, geophysics, research of the sun, space, magnetism, geoelectricity and nanotechnology.



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