“It means nothing”, “I already said it” – Libero Quotidiano

“I was going to call her honorable, but she is not.” Lilli Gruber opens the episode of June 21 of Half past eight on La7 with a gaffe avoided at the last minute. On the other hand, your interlocutor, Enrico Letta: “No, in fact I’m not an honorable”. “But are you a candidate for Siena?”, Asks the presenter at that point while the secretary of the Democratic Party remains vague: “I don’t know, the Sienese demos ask me”. In short, Letta prefers not to investigate the matter further.

But the question and answer between Gruber and Letta does not end there: “How do you say that the Draghi government is a government of the Democratic Party? Draghi is not a leftist“. The dem secretary, visibly annoyed, attempts to attack the League:” This is not the center-right government, Matteo Salvini he’s not at home. “” Yes, but how do you know? The policies are all right-wing “, urges the presenter while Letta continues:” I told her that the only party to lose six percentage points since joining the government was the League, we are growing and everyone says so “. that Gruber disagrees: “This is another thing, it doesn’t mean anything“.

On the side of the host also Marco Travaglio which reminds the piddino of the absence of the Dl Zan, of the assets and of the Prime Minister’s line on migrants. A line for the director of the Everyday occurrence somewhat explicit and which is diametrically opposed to that of the Democratic Party. But nothing, Letta continues to believe that the Democratic Party is growing in the polls. Too bad, however, that the last one made by Swg for Enrico Mentana sees the Pd in ​​third place. In decline.

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