It may happen that for a moment you will lose touch with reality today… Horoscopes for August 13

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You must be ready for a quick and clear response today. You will have to make serious and responsible decisions.


In the morning, you might not be able to find the same rose-colored glasses you had yesterday. Because today, unexpectedly, everything will appear to you in shades of gray. You will have to learn to enjoy life without rose-colored glasses. And you know, you will succeed!



Why try to improve what already works well? Do not look for good where it has been for a long time! Looking for too many benefits can lead you to the opposite.


You may feel quite depressed today. But your main task is to find cool things in everyday life, and there is no shortage of them!


Do whatever you want and everything will turn out great for you. It is possible that you ask too much of yourself, let the reins looser and everything will be “like butter”.


The people around you expect a specific action from you, and one that is fast. Whether you will be able to do it is unknown, but the most important thing you should remember today is to act according to your conscience.


Today you will be a little frivolous, by the way, it won’t hurt you at all. However, the most important thing you have to remember is don’t harm others, don’t be selfish, then the day will be great too.


You need some kind of change, but you are not yet ready to decisively take these steps yourself and rather wait for others to do it for you. But it won’t be!


Something unusual is happening to you and also around you. Something that has only recently started. If you want to understand these feelings, don’t listen to what others say, do and think for yourself.


It may happen that you will lose touch with reality for a moment today. It’s not bad, though, to live in your fantasy world for a while. Most importantly, don’t let it become a habit.


You may be overwhelmed by extremes today. Your emotions also “jump”. However, you should try to find a golden middle ground so as not to damage your relationships with others.



This day will start with the awareness that you want to spend it the way you want it. And as long as you have done your work and not accumulated debts, your plan will also succeed perfectly.


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