It made myself difficult for me .. Ahmed Al Sheikh reveals the scenes of his last days in Al-Ahly

He said Ahmad Al-SheikhThe player of the first football team in the former Al-Ahly club, who joined the club recently, Pyramids, he received the offer to join the heavenly team 10 days before the African Champions League final match.

In a televised statement on MBC Egypt via the Al-Alleeb program, Ahmed Al-Sheikh added, “Pizzo Mosimani agreed to my exit on loan, as Amir Tawfiq told me, and I did not know of the existence of an exchange deal between me and Muhammad Farouk.”

وتابع Ahmad Al-Sheikh, “Al-Ahly gave me the green light to agree with Pyramids, and I asked them not to issue any statement until after the Africa final match, and the deal suddenly stopped. Al-Ahly officials told me that Musimane does not want to join Mohamed Farouk, and if Pyramids wants to contract with me, it will be another offer, and the red request 15 One million pounds, so the Pyramids officials retreated again before communications began in the last hours before registration. “

“The day after winning the African final, I went to Al-Ahly Club to train. Suddenly they told me that there was an offer from the Czechs and my agent was the one who brought this offer, but the money is weak despite it being a big club there and playing in European championships.”

He concluded, “Al-Ahly decided that I was out of the team’s list and I was sad, and I made myself difficult, and I thanked God for my time at the club.”


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