It looks like Roger Valhammer gave up the management of Bergen

That means the woman who controls the city.

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Photo: Eirik Brekke (archive)

Between February 28th until March 12 this year, special decisions were made in Bergen municipality.

An event with over 100 people was banned.

Nursery schools and schools should be closed.

There are some of the most radical decisions taken in recent history in the municipality. But what makes them even more special is that they are not drawn by the paper on the paper, the elected leader of the municipality. These are signed by a bureaucrat.

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The crisis management under the corona needs to be examined. The opposition is wondering who really led Bergen through the crisis.

For a long time BT has tried to find out what happened when the corona pandemic reached Bergen and the city got crisis relief. All scriptural sources from the earliest times pointed in the same direction: It was the administrative staff who took over. City Councilor Roger Valhammer (Ap) has not even been listed as a member of the steering group in the early days.

In the city it was Municipal Director Robert Rastad who directed the crisis management. Both he and Valhammer say afterwards that the minutes are defective, and that Valhammer sat around the table and made all important decisions. In that case, it is strongly criticized that written documentation from this period is so deficient. Written sources are what one can go back to afterwards.

It means something the woman who actually controls the city. These will be some people in Bergen can hold accountable, representing politicians who are democratically elected. No one can hold a top bureaucrat responsible. The City Council, with Roger Valhammer in the lead, is responsible for what has been done.

In Bergen, Valhammer and the City Council are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the municipality. The same day as a school and kindergarten were closed, the city council met to extend the shenanigans to several restaurants in the city, as well as to approve new content in an event that was to commence in the 950th anniversary of Bergen.

Then it seems completely incomprehensible that they also did not make decisions about the management of the coronary pandemic.

The many explanations and the allegations of incorrect minutes, it makes it difficult to conclude as to what actually happened when Bergen was shut down.

But the impression is left behind is that Roger Valhammer gave up the management of Bergen at a very critical point.


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