It is unbelievable what this young man did with the QR code from his vaccination certificate PHOTOS

A 22-year-old Italian student decided to tattoo the QR code from his COVID-19 vaccine certificate on his arm, AFP reported.

The document is required for access to restaurants and cinemas, and henceforth Andrea Coloneta of the Calabria region of southern Italy will only raise the sleeve of his left hand to certify that he has been immunized against COVID-19.

“It’s very original, I like to be different,” the young man told Corriere della Calabria after becoming a celebrity thanks to footage on Instagram and TikTok.

His parents were not very enthusiastic, he explained. “I was encouraged … to be less impulsive and to think before I did.”

A video posted on TikTok by tattoo artist Gabriele Perelone shows the young man raising his hand to be photographed before entering a McDonald’s.

The next frame shows the guards scanning the photo of the tattooed code, but the recording is interrupted and it is not clear whether this was enough to allow Andrea into the restaurant.



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