It is unbelievable what is the maximum pension that a person can take in Bulgaria

If a person is insured on the maximum insurance income for life, he will receive a pension of BGN 1,850. “Whose ceiling of BGN 3,400 is it for? For some who have not deserved it, but will receive maximum pensions in another order.” This was stated by the leader of “Support” Dimitar Manolov in “The day begins” on BNT.

We have different assessments of good relations between trade unions and the government. We are learning from the media what is happening, he added. According to Vasil Velev from the Association of Industrial Capital in Bulgaria (BICA), this dialogue is improving, but is far from European levels.

The prices are extremely high for energy and that is why the European Commission recommended in its communication of March 8 this year to continue the measures to compensate the prices for as long as necessary, Velev said.

According to him, the minimum wage should also be raised and should be different for different economic activities. We are losing jobs without increasing unemployment. Since the beginning of the year, 30,000 jobs have been lost.

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