It is the party of your ancestors who owns it

One of the figures from the AHY camp or the KLB Deli Serdang camp Max Sopacua during a press conference in Hambalang, Bogor Regency, Thursday (25/3/2021). (Source: TV)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV- The initiator of the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) of the Democrat Party, Max Sopacua, was outraged.

He felt that he had to get angry because he was prohibited from using the attributes of the Democratic Party.

Max also asked the Head of the Strategic Communications Agency for the Democratic Party of the AHY camp, Herzaky Mahendra Putra, not to talk carelessly.

“Don’t play around with Herzaky. Yesterday afternoon, he just joined the Democrats, and he didn’t have any doubts about making arrangements. Don’t speak as if you were an old person in the Democrats, ”said Max Sopacua in his statement to Kompas.TV, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

“We can’t use the attributes of the Democrat Party? Did your ancestors have the Democrat Party, why did you forbid it ?, “added Max.

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Herzaky, said Max, was not someone who knew the history of the Democratic Party and what was conveyed was a knowing attitude.


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