“It is shameful that in 2020 we talk about these things”

Alberto Matano, Claudia Mori calls a Live Life and he was infuriated:It is shameful that in 2020 there is talk of these things». Today, in the afternoon Rai1 container, we returned to talk about the protest of the students for the miniskirt in the classroom. The Milanese students, in fact, would have expressed closeness to the Roman ones by going to school in a miniskirt.

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In the studio, Matano talks about it with his opionists including Alda D’Eusanio and Roberto Poletti. While D’Eusanio would be in favor of wearing the garment at school, Poletti would have said he was against it. “The place must be respected – said the journalist -. I see young people walking around half naked“. At that point, the live phone call from Claudia Mori arrived. “It’s a shame – said Adriano Celentano’s wife – that we still talk about the miniskirt in these terms. The woman must dress as she wants, because she knows how to dress according to the situation. If I want to wear it at school, I’ll wear it. If the professor’s eye falls, he is the patient».

And he concludes: “It is dangerous to say that the eye falls there. The woman exactly like the man must dress as she sees fit. The truth is that the idea of ​​the woman as a sexual object and not as a human being has never passed. I tomorrow – closes ironically – I put on the miniskirt, I want to see if the eye falls».

Last updated: Thursday 24 September 2020, 21:28



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