It is possible to understand in advance if we have a tumor by paying attention to these minimal symptoms

When it comes to cancer prevention, we need to understand a wide range of virtuous behaviors that are good to adopt. Among these, in addition to follow a healthy diet and to do physical activity continuously, also the so-called early diagnosis.

It is not true that when a tumor occurs it is always too late. At the same time, however, catching cancer when it is still in its infancy can significantly increase the chance of defeating it. Understanding in advance if we have a tumor is possible by paying attention to these minimal symptoms that we will list below. These are small changes in the functioning of our body, which can be alarm bells not to be left unheard.

The first phase of cancer prevention is done at home

Taking cancer by surprise before it reaches an advanced stage of the disease is not impossible. To prove it is one studio of “Lancet Oncology”, reported by the AIRC experts. According to this study, paying attention to some symptoms, even minimal, we can notice a tumor when it is not yet well manifest. In this way, we will have time on our side and help science to defeat this silent evil. As stated by Professor Filippo de Braud, director of the Department of Medical Oncology in Milan, monitoring symptoms is an essential part of prevention. Early diagnosis is one of the three basic stages of cancer prevention, along with a healthy lifestyle and national screening.

Even WHO experts reaffirm the fundamental role of early diagnosis, bringing the individual to the center of the fight against cancer. The citizen, before becoming patient, therefore has an important task: to watch over his own body. A dermatologist can certainly notice if a mole has changed shape, but the individual can notice it sooner. Here are the signs we need to pay particular attention to.

It is possible to understand in advance if we have a tumor by paying attention to these minimal symptoms

A necessary premise is this: there are no symptoms of cancer. However, there are symptoms that can rightly make us suspicious and that we must not overlook, even if they do not necessarily bring bad news. The signs that experts advise to keep an eye on are, for example, marked changes in our bowel or urinary habits. Likewise, beware of rectal bleeding and wounds that are slow to heal. Coughing and unexplained problems with swallowing can also be alarm bells, just like lumps and asymmetrical moles. We also add to the list perennial fatigue, fever that does not go away and fast and unjustified weight loss. These signals should send us to the doctor, but they are not necessarily the antechamber of a tumor.


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