“It is positive for the economy”: community in New York reacts to flexible restaurant operations | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

for at least 30 minutes.if you have a medical history and15 minutes and you don’t have them.andrew cuomo setsNew measures.reporter: the dining room in theinterior will return to 25% of itscapacity in new york.There it was announced this Monday ongovernor andrew cuomo saidthat said flexibility isproduced on Friday 12 ofFebruary, days before the planoriginal to reopen on the day ofSaint Valenin.news univisón 41 habówith the asamblísta, catalinadistrict cross.gave us that already owners ofbusinesses are happy forthis advance.this is positive for theeconomy must be done at theto give you access toworkers of therestaurants.reporter: the owner of arestaurant ate us that thenews is good, although notsolution to the problem.I like it for the precautionwhich is for everyone, but for abusiness is not enough.40 or 50% was excellent.reporter: has it affected youmuch?too much, 80% ofincome.reporter: cuomo anticipated thatpeople with diseasesconic, cancer, rum,heart the cardiovascular therelike the immune systemof intellectual development,obesity and others can doappointments to opt for the vaccinefrom the 15th of this month,supplying a medical letter.I think it’s very good that they dothis, are people who havehis needs, then he hadto see the priority of thepeople.reporter: this Monday thepublic schools will reopen thismonth for learning inperson, after inNovember theclasses completely adistance.I hope it is a waythat they do not endangerour teachers or ourchildren and their parents.reporter: 2000 students fromgrades six through eight, whosefamily has chosen thelearning to person return tothe classrooms on February 25.I think they must wait.because there are still people who knowit is contagious.we are not preparedstill to start.reporter: little left for himía de san valenín, asguarantee that New Yorkersthey will have a great day of love andof friendship.however, it emphasizes thatdecision to return thescreaming ability ofrestaurants at 25% isthanks to the new casesof coronavirus and

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