It is now possible to test Universal Control on macOS Monterey

For everyone who is curious about Universal Control, it is now possible to try a little trickery, but it is at your own risk.

Apple showed off a feature for macOS Monterey at WWDC that they so nicely called Universal Control. It is still not officially available to test in macOS beta, but there is a way to test it if you dare. Universal Control gives users the ability to use the same mouse and keyboard for multiple devices seamlessly and also drag and drop files between the different devices. For example, you can work on your MacBook and then transfer the mouse pointer to your iPad to drag a file from that email.

To activate this, you first need to surf on GitHub, download the file, put it in the correct folder (/ Library / Preferences / FeatureFlags / Domain /) and restart the computer for it to work. After rebooting, you will find the Universal Control settings below Settings -> Screen -> Add display and then select the devices to apply. Those who have tested have had quite good results but it is done at your own risk.

We do not encourage you to test, as in the worst case it can end up with the system files becoming corrupt!

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Source: Macrumors



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