It is not easy to have today. One universe from Klong Toey slum children was insulted to a famous musician.

Until having today is not easy One universe Post a picture and save a memory. From slum children, Khlong Toei Found many insults Never fight back To famous musicians Encourage people to follow their dreams, don’t be discouraged.

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Famous musicians and producers One universeFair flagpole Post a picture of the memory of his childhood when he was still playing music in the Khlong Toei slum area. Than there is today a successful musical career. Famous Not easy at all, I have to face a lot of insults. But because he cannot fight back Not afraid of obstacles Therefore successfully pursuing a dream By the leader of comparison pictures while playing music, past and present Along with writing the message “These are two very different pictures (But equally happy Is that they can play music and give happiness to the audience)

Memories of “Nueng Siam” (a small folk band in the Klong Toei slum area I believe there are many people and young musicians who want to be me now who think “One Universe” lives a comfortable life, is famous for success. Have everything ready Both houses and money, but !! “Did anyone want to be me as a kid?” Than I have today. How long do i take In tolerating people’s words Hard training Being insulted … What have I experienced?

– Has been kicked off the stage countless times. Because he saw that we were young
– Being cursed by the singer almost every day Because I can’t read notes Only plays songs from unpacking.
– Get insulted that (u !! Slum boy Did not study music You can’t be a musician.)
– Was teased that the name of the band was extremely outdated, “Nueng Siam”, but my father made me proud.
– Always teased that A group of kids playing gang gang, who will see?
– used to be insulted (Musician, what the fuck? Does not have its own machine Don’t buy it?) I don’t have the money to buy it.

This is only a part. With what I have seen In which in the past, there was almost no opportunity to show one’s skills You have to make effort. To create opportunities for yourself

When I was a professional musician Started playing cafes from Secondary 1 Cafe those days that have been playing since 1:00 PM – 3:30 AM Think about what I have to meet. (Because I can’t read the notes) Of course, both insulting words, but for self-training And wants to read notes like any other musician, he  Which is a direct experience we have to experience every night 

“I can’t fight back.” Come home at 4:30 am, take a shower and go to school. After 4 pm, we take the bus home. (Plus standing almost all the way from Sanam Luang to Khlong Toei) Once you get home, you can take a shower and go to work at the cafe. Life goes on like this every day. Even Saturday and Sunday, I came to the school to take the notes that we couldn’t play to practice at the school. Because at home there are no tools to practice In my current life I hardly even know the word “mattress”.

I believe that some people may think that It is not possible But for me, it is already possible. And I’ve been through it. Fight it. What obstacles do we can’t do?

Thank you Cr. jakkawal_1


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