It is known that the quarrels and disagreements of Duchess Megan and Catherine then began


Shortly after the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Mark, the news reached the media that the bride had cried Catherine. The Duchess of Cambridge has taken her daughter, Princess Charlotte, to the bridesmaid’s dress, and she has met Megan there. Catherine then left the room with tears in her eyes. The dress was held a few weeks before the royal wedding, and the bride herself took part in it. Megana wanted “all the best” for her big day, but the timing process did not go according to her planned plan – according to a scientist, the newspaper “The Sun”.

Tatler magazine writes that Duchess Catherine has suggested that the brides’ sisters, including Princess Charlotte, should wear tights. Megana objected. Catherine had given birth to her third child, Prince Louis, three weeks ago and was still very emotional. Usually the calm and very balanced duchess this time blows in tears.

At British royal weddings, brides and sisters always wore tights. It could be seen at the wedding of Duchess Catherine in 2011, as well as at the wedding of Princess Eugene at the end of 2018 and even at the wedding of Catherine Sister Pipa Middleton in 2017.

However, at the wedding, the bride has the final word, so everything happened according to Megan’s mind. Reporters from the royal family speculate that this “tights saga” is the beginning of all future disagreements between the two dukes.

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