It is here and it is now, the time of spring – PublicoGT

It is here and it is now, the time of spring – PublicoGT

By Jorge Santos

Spring as a season is associated par excellence with great transformations in societies and it could not be for less, given that this is the season of the flowering of life, after winter. In spring everything changes, the colors begin to take control of everything and what had momentarily died is reborn; Those who had hibernated throughout the winter come to light, can satisfy their hunger and drink fresh, pure water from the thaw. In short, the first takes control of absolutely everything, it is not done partially, but it is radical and beautiful. Therefore, for spring to be installed, it must be fully established, so winter must disappear completely, the rivers flow in their channels, the flowers, the trees turn green, the animals guarantee their food and achieve reproduce and the sun feeds and illuminates the possibility of the most beautiful ecosystem that humanity knows.

In Guatemala we have been waiting for 69 years for the cycle to resume in spring and for this the Peoples who inhabit these territories have fought, even watering the possibility of that happening with their blood. The People’s struggle for spring to arrive has been like a perennial drop that hits the rock and has finally managed to make the rock break. However, there are actors who, although increasingly alone, resist the arrival of spring. That is why today and now with more strength, radicality and depth we need to fight to allow love and the flourishing of life to occur.

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The transformation of this system of violence, corruption, impoverishment and impunity has begun to break down and needs a social force that continues to advance the possibility of building democracy and a dignified life for all. For this to happen, certain processes must occur previously, perhaps the most important, removing from the position of Attorney General and Head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras, her Secretary Ángel Pineda, Rafael Curruchiche Special Prosecutor against Impunity of the MP, as well as the prosecutor Cinthya Monterroso, in turn the magistrates of the Supreme Court of Justice and with them, judges Fredy Orellana, Jimmy Bremer, Geisler Smaily and others must resign from their positions, to free these institutions from the mafias that govern them today.

It is here and it is now, for the children who deserve the food that spring allows us to obtain; for their fathers and mothers who deserve land to cultivate and live; for women so that they grow up and live free of violence and have the same rights as everyone; for the elderly, so that they can enjoy retirement from work in dignity, for the workers so that their salary allows them to cover what is necessary for a dignified life, for everyone, it is here and it is now and we need to do spring bloom.

Jorge Santos

[email protected]

Defender of human rights, lover of life, hopes and utopias, which has led me to work for another Guatemala, in student and peasant organizations, for victims of the Internal Armed Conflict and for the protection of human rights defenders. I faithfully believe, like Otto René Castillo, that those who build it beautiful find life beautiful.

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