It is burning in the navy location of ​​Hradiště, firefighters can only go there to a minimal extent

The hearth has currently impacted about a few hectares of land, the firefighters have requested a helicopter with a so-termed bambivak, stated the spokesman for the regional firefighters, Martin Kasal. 3rd degree of hearth alarm introduced.

“Firefighters can’t enter the fire region owing to feasible unexploded ammunition. A helicopter is consequently essential to extinguish the hearth, even further interventions are only achievable from paved roadways alongside the hearth web-site,” he reported. Kasal.

As this is a armed service space with no household buildings or infrastructure, firefighters will mostly enjoy to avoid the unfold of hearth, according to Kasal. Nonetheless, the third diploma of hearth alarm was declared. According to the spokesman, this mostly means a better stage of command and coordination of the intervening models.

“Units from the Karlovy Fluctuate location and the Ústí location have been termed on the scene, 10 units at the second,” added Kasal. As a consequence, a number of dozen firefighters intervened on the spot.

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