“It is a very delicate subject” SHOW El Intransigente

Finally he broke the silence and decided to tell it. The China Suarez She returned to our country in recent days, after having stayed in Miami with her two youngest children, Magnolia and Amancio. It was Gonzalo Vazquez, the chronicler of «Intruders«, Who went to look for her at the airport to talk about various topics, such as the reason for the actress’s trip and the rumors of separation from Benjamin Vicuña, which generated restlessness in the viewers of America TV.

«Sunday 3 in the morning, ‘Intruders’ arrived at the Ezeiza airport because China Suárez will leave that door in a while. We are waiting for her return to the country so that she can tell us if she is separated from Benjamín Vicuña or not, ”the journalist began assuring. “Tell me how you are after Sofia’s death,” he inquired. “It is a very sensitive subject,” she replied.

«I met her family, I was able to meet her baby. That’s what I went to, “said the blonde in relation to the death of Sofía Sarkany, who died a few weeks ago, after fighting against uterine cancer. «It was a trip that I had previously scheduled, for two weeks before. I got sick, I couldn’t do it and I wasn’t going to cancel everything. I could not get vaccinated because I have to wait 90 days after my infection, “he said when asked by Gonzalo.

But my mom did get vaccinated. The symptom that remained is that I did not recover my smell 100%, it is like an exasperating means, “said the China Suarez, who was also in charge of dispelling the rumors of separation with the Chilean actor. “I’m not separated. No, I found out because several friends wrote to me, but no… », launched the Benjamin Vicuña couple, clearing up the doubts.

«This time, yes, no … I don’t know where it came from. Neither crisis nor anything. Maybe because of the trip and all that, it seemed strange to them but hey, I had it scheduled before, I got sick, “said Eugenia in the middle of her return to Argentina. It should be remembered that in the last week, some journalists from the entertainment world assured that the actors would be experiencing a strong crisis in their relationship.

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