“It is a terrible wooden language from which very few ideas are held back. It is a pain” / “We will collect all the text and give it to Emilia Șercan”

Former Minister Cristian Ghinea and former Secretary of State Marius Vasiliu, members of the USSR, shared their first impressions after reading the doctoral thesis of the Minister of the Interior, Lucian Bode.

They did it at the National Library and they want to transcribe it, so that we can check whether the minister has plagiarized or not. The transcription is necessary because it is forbidden to photograph the documents or send them online.

“I am delighted with the interest aroused by our action to transcribe Bode’s doctoral thesis. Many people ask us to publish as soon as we go out. We will collect all the text and deliver it to Emilia Șercan, to begin with. I think there is still one. cloud of shame and the author will publish it. Let’s continue “, announces Cristian Ghinea on his page Facebook.

He also published the impressions of Marius Vasiliu, the secretary of state appointed by Guinea to manage the PNRR and fired by the Cîțu government.

“I went to the National Library and read Bode’s doctoral thesis, in a way I sacrificed myself for you. It’s a terrible wooden tongue from which very few ideas are held back. It’s a pain. And not because I’m smart. , rather.

If he too copied something, we could also feel sorry for him, if he were not perched at the top of a ministry that we would have liked to get rid of the association with Garcea “, wrote Marius Vasiliu.

He also wrote down some general notes:

“Some administrative data:

– the thesis has the title: Energy security and resource management at the beginning of the 21st century. Romania in the current European context.

– is coordinated by the Rector of the SRI Academy, Adrian Ivan.

– has 220 pages including covers, table of contents, introductory part.

– the actual work begins on page 9 and ends at 167. After that we have the bibliography from page 198 to 220.

– in the contents of the work, on pages 165-167, in its entirety, laws and GD are listed!

– the style is probably Arial, font 14, line spacing 1.5 lines, with header and footnote (maximum 25 lines / page).

Some fun facts about the bibliography (22 pages!):

– contains 50 cards, 1 mentioned 2 times. 40 (!) Are in English, 2 in French, 1 in Italian. Poor fellow, he reads and hardly speaks Romanian. Not in any public CV on the Internet

knowledge of a foreign language is mentioned.

– there are also 80 articles, most of them in English, 3 of which are repeated and one is also mentioned in books.

– 27 regulatory acts are also listed

– in the online sources, among the first cited we find on page 213, the Explanatory Dictionary of the Romanian language, 2009 edition �� (sic!)

The conclusions of the article, from pages 192 to 196, are … I actually leave you with a piece:

“From Romania’s point of view, energy security is a fundamental element of national security and our geostrategic positioning entails both challenges and hindrances. On the one hand, being on the periphery of the European Union, logistical and operational integration with states developed is more difficult.We are instead in a favorable proximity to energy resources: the Caucasus, the Middle East, Russia.However, Romania still has a lot to invest in the development of energy security, at least at the political level, both internally and externally. We need a development and updating of the regulatory framework, a transformation of the rules according to the principles promoted at European level and an increase in the resilience of energy systems.


Throughout this time and combining these processes with the challenges of the dynamic regulatory framework, Romania still lacks a modern energy strategy, adapted both to the needs of the sector and of the citizens, which can structure Romania’s medium and long-term objectives in terms of field energy at a national level, as well as commitments at the European Union level. Therefore, policies in the energy field must be structured on two coordinates: the interests of Romania as a leader in the region and the application of European policies and standards in this field. The mechanisms of integration of the national energy sector into the European one and the alignment with European standards are facilitated by two undoubted advantages that Romania has compared to other states: a balanced structure of energy production and relatively large natural resources. At the same time, however, as I mentioned earlier, the systemic risks facing the Romanian energy system must not be ignored.

To become a point of reference in the sector, Romania’s Energy Strategy must be taken on by the entire political class, implemented and constantly updated according to developments

future which should subsequently be assessed annually through a report presented by the Government to Parliament.

Furthermore, guaranteeing Romania’s energy security and increasing the degree of energy autonomy based on an efficient national energy system in all its sectors (extraction, supply, production, transport, distribution and supply) which generates economic competitiveness, accessibility and consumer protection. , as well as and sustainable development will constitute a support for economic policies in the industrial sectors and beyond “.

Don’t you want to shout “HATE HATE!”?

I think secrecy has logic, however. If these meaningless conclusions are actually about a code, something? Which was not to fall into the hands of the enemy? 🙂 “, wrote Vasiliu.

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Emilia Șercan, reaction after Minister Bode announced that her doctoral thesis is not classified. “Doctor Bode’s thesis is digitized (…) and can be consulted on a computer without Internet access. Screenshots of the precious scientific creation are prohibited”

USR deputy Iulian Bulai announced Friday, via a Facebook message, that USR has begun transcribing Lucian Bode’s doctoral thesis.

The announcement comes the day after the minister announced that his thesis is public and that he will sue anyone who says it is secret.

However, the thesis can only be copied by hand, according to Bulai and journalist Emilia Șercan, who first wrote about Bode’s doctoral thesis.

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