“it is a problem of social justice” for François Rebsamen, mayor of Dijon

In early August, a Renaissance deputy offered a monthly bill aimed at granting the proper to vote in municipal elections to all foreigners. This Sunday, August 14, François Rebsamen, mayor of Dijon, reported he was in favor in the columns of the JDD.

The parliamentary holiday seasons are not in excess of still, the wave is shaking the political course. In the Sunday Journal of August 14François Rebsamen, recent mayor of Dijon (Côte-d’Or), shared an editorial in which he explained he was in favor of granting the right to vote and eligibility in municipal elections to all foreigners. “It truly is a problem of justice social “, anticipates the a person who is also president of Dijon Métropole. A place that follows the filing, at the starting of August, of a monthly bill by Sacha Houlié, deputy of the Renaissance (ex LREM) of Vienna.

Neither one particular nor two representatives of the right-wing and much-ideal parties came ahead. The deputy of the Maritime Alps, Éric Ciotti, was between the initially to denounce a “political provocation“. On the aspect of the Burgundians elected, Julien Odoul, deputy Rassemblement National de l’Yonne, speaks of a last try at”the prehistoric caste to switch the French citizens“.

Alain Houpert, Senator Les Républicains de Côte-d’Or, despatched a tweet whose creator chastises the “childish condition of up to date socialism consisting in taking into consideration in a didactic way an progress which is in truth a regress on actuality = invoice with uncertain risk of adoption“.

The discussion on the ideal to vote and the eligibility of all foreigners in municipal elections is not new. This proposal had already appeared in François Mitterrand’s electoral method right before his 1st election in 1981. Confronted with opposition from the Senate, then mainly on the proper, the Socialist Social gathering was forced to abandon the reform and at last buried it in 1988.

In switch, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande say they are in favor of adopting this proposal. This came again to the table quite a few situations for the duration of Emmanuel Macron’s predecessor’s 5-year time period, with no progress by the Countrywide Assembly.

On the other hand, at the Luxembourg Palace, the proposal has currently carried out its finest. At the stop of 2011, while the socialist group was then chaired by a certain François Rebsamen, the senators adopted a textual content on the correct of foreigners to vote in municipal elections.

The Senate stage has already passed […]. To say that this bill has no chance of remaining adopted is as a result wholly false considering that it has partly been realized.

François Rebsamen in the JDD of 14 August

Even so, to enter into power, the textual content nonetheless has to be voted on by the deputies. And given that it took him almost 11 years to reappear in the legislative channels, the story continue to seems significantly from in excess of.

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