It is a great church holiday today, we honor a great miracle

Today, October 24, is a great church holiday, celebrating a great miracle performed by the Blessed Virgin. This is an occasion to go to church and thank the Mother of God for her merciful heart and her endless care for us. The story goes that in 1688 Euthymia, the sister of the Moscow patriarch Joachim, fell ill and lay on her deathbed. Although her illness was incurable, the woman ignored the physical suffering and did not stop hurting the Mother of God. One morning, after a long and exhausting prayer, the sick Euphemia heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin. She appeared to her to tell her that there was an icon in the Transfiguration Temple called “Joy of All Who Sorrow” (“Joy of All Who Sorrow”). The Virgin Mary ordered the sick Euthymia to call the priest from the temple to bring this icon. After the consecration of the water, Euphemia’s illness will disappear. Then the healed woman had to tell everyone about the miraculous icon and glorify the mercy of Jesus Christ.

The miraculous recovery of the sick Euphemia took place exactly on October 24. That is why the holiday is celebrated to this day in honor of the Most Holy Mother of God and Jesus Christ. We call her the Holy Mother of God – Joy of all who mourn. On this day, believers from all over the Orthodox world flock to the Transfiguration Monastery to pray for the mercy of the Mother of God and seek healing from the miraculous icon.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

On October 24, go to church to worship the miraculous holiday icon of All Sorrowful Joy.

Ask the Mother of God to help and protect not only you and your families, but all people on Earth, because the times we live in are hard.



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