It has limits, Massimiliano defended me

in photo: Courtesy of the Endemol Shine Italy press office

During the fifth episode of Big Brother Vip 2020, broadcast on Monday 28 September, Adua Del Vesco had a confrontation with the current girlfriend of Massimiliano Morra, Delilah Mucedero. The latter had ironically defined the actress: A poor unhappy saint“During the confrontation they seemed to have clarified, but Adua Del Vesco’s comments made in the confessional did not appear to be conciliatory.

Adua Del Vesco’s reaction to the meeting with Dalila

After the confrontation with Dalila Mucedero, Adua Del Vesco had his say in the confessional. Although Massimiliano Morra’s girlfriend said she didn’t judge her, the actress doesn’t think so: “If saying that you are an unhappy saint is not judging me as a person, I don’t know. Maybe I have problems with Italian”. During the confrontation, Massimiliano Morra intervened trying to calm the spirits. He told Delilah: “Love, that’s okay, the important thing is that she and I have made peace”. Apparently, this did not escape Adua, who commented in the confessional: Massimiliano defended me again this evening, he repeatedly said to the girl ‘Enough, enough, we have clarified, let’s not open the subject any more’. So that’s okay. You know sometimes people have limits“.

Because Dalila Mucedero is angry with Adua Del Vesco

During the confrontation between Adua Del Vesco and Dalila Mucedero, the latter explained the reason for the not-so-friendly post she posted about the actress. Massimiliano Morra’s girlfriend clarified: I didn’t like your way of telling my boyfriend, a wrong message has passed about him. “ In particular, he did not appreciate that Adua confided to various tenants of the house that he suffered because of the actor, making him pass as a selfish person. Del Vesco replied:You don’t know what happened in the past, I did not tell lies. ” In light of Adua’s new declarations, will Alfonso Signorini make Dalila return to the house? All that remains is to follow the next episodes of the reality show to find out.

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