It happened at night | A statement from the prosecutor’s office on Alaa Abdel Fattah …

Yesterday night, and until the early hours of Friday morning, many important events took place locally and internationally, the most important of which were the following:

Urgent Public Prosecutor Statement Revealed Regarding Alaa Abdel-Fattah’s Health Condition and Prison Conditions

On Thursday, Attorney General Hamada Al-Sawy ordered an investigation into the complaint of detainee Alaa Abdel-Fattah.

On November 1, the prosecutor received a complaint from the detainee’s agent, Alaa Abdel Fattah, including a request to put him in hospital to follow up on his health, hunger and hunger strike; In order to safeguard his safety and life, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has instructed the Community Protection Sector of the Ministry of the Interior to sign a medical examination for the detainee, in accordance with the rules governing the reform and rehabilitation centers.

Public transport denies stopping the movement of vehicles and buses on Friday

The Cairo Public Transport Authority has issued an urgent statement regarding rumors that public transport and buses will stop tomorrow, Friday.

Head of the Poultry Division: The decrease in current prices is temporary

Abdul Aziz Al-Sayed, head of the poultry division of the Chambers of Commerce, said that production requirements must be available to supply feed, but strict control must be obtained to control prices, production requirements for poultry and feed. .

The Estonian Prime Minister warns of excessive interest rates

Estonian Prime Minister Kaia Kallas has warned against rising interest rates, noting that while the European Central Bank’s interest rate policy is important, too much could burden households taking out mortgage loans.

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Officially .. Al-Ahly’s board of directors approves the largest budget in the club’s history

At its meeting, held today, Thursday, the Board of Directors approved the largest budget in the club’s history, reaching 3 billion 87 million pounds, and making a net profit of 149 million 853 thousand pounds.

The European Commission proposes a new plan to deploy armies faster

The European Commission has expressed a desire to facilitate the movement of the armies of the countries of the European Union through the blockade in a new plan announced today, Thursday, against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine.

Britain freezes Russian assets worth 18 billion pounds as part of sanctions against Moscow

The British Financial Sanctions Enforcement Office announced today Thursday that Britain has frozen Russian assets worth a total of £ 18.4 billion ($ 20.9 billion) since the introduction of sanctions against Moscow for the invasion. of Ukraine at the end of February.

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