It had only just appeared in “A Question for Breakfast” that many viewers had no mercy. Kasia Cichopek’s reaction may surprise you

“Question for Breakfast” constantly tries to attract as many viewers as possible to the TV sets. Current topics and popular presenters are there to help. It would seem that downloading the liked and avoiding scandals Katarzyna Cichopek was a hit, but the viewers are not delighted. The actress decided to comment on the allegations at her address.

“Question for Breakfast” is a completely new chapter in Katarzyna Cichopek’s career. So far, she has focused on appearances in the hit TVP series “M jak miłość” and running a dance school with her husband Marcin Hakiel. The producers of the breakfast show offered her to replace Tamara Gonzales as the lead, and the actress enthusiastically accepted the assignment. The viewers are probably not fully satisfied with the new hostess “Question for Breakfast”, but Kasia Cichopek herself has a rather positive opinion about herself. Her last statement may surprise many viewers.

Fans of the “Question for Breakfast” program were quite skeptical about the actress in the leading role

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“Question for Breakfast” is a live program and this television format has proven more than once that the hosts must be able to react to events unforeseen in the script. It is an extremely difficult art, as Marzena Rogalska, for example, has found out. The TVP breakfast veteran had to deal with the collapse of the hammock placed in the studio underneath it. Kasia Cichopek, in the opinion of viewers, not only does not do well in the lead role, but also often regales fans with not very accurate statements.

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Recently, Katarzyna Cichopek has advised how to avoid betrayal in a relationship

Katarzyna Cichopek and Maciej Kurzajewski recently hosted specialists dealing with the issue of betrayals on their couches. The psychologist and the detective explained why people decide to do this at all. Katarzyna Cichopek, undeterred by the fact that the topic is serious and concerns real human dramas, decided to shine and lightly stated that if a man is not satisfied at home, he will find it in the city, so women should make their partners happy. When asked later if she regretted these words, she only said that she often turns everything into a joke, and the format of “Questions for Breakfast” is also not stiff. The actress had to move from the set, where everything can be repeated, to the studio, where everything happens live. Unfortunately, TVP breakfast fans notice that Katarzyna Cichopek does not fulfill the entrusted function very well. The star decided to answer and prove that working in programs of this type is not new to her and that her opponents are wrong.

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“Question for breakfast” is not Katarzyna Cichopek’s first live program?

It is hard to find a person who knows a different role for Katarzyna Cichopek than the one in “M jak miłość”. The new hostess “Question for breakfast” believes, however, that producers of lunch box can be satisfied with it. Of course, she emphasizes that the live program has its own rules and not everything always goes according to plan, but it is not new to her.

– The stress is always there. It’s a live program. There is a lot of responsibility for the leaders. It’s a wonderful experience. I’m out of my comfort zone. Until now, I had a text sent and learned it by heart. Here I have to react live. […] I have a lot of shows in my CV that I ran live. Being live is not completely alien to me. I have gained my experience over 20 years – said Katarzyna Cichopek in an interview quoted by the Pudelek portal.

Question for breakfast


The distinguishing photo comes from the backstage of the “Question for breakfast” program and was published by the host of the program, Maciej Kurzajewski, onśmiewski

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Source: Pudelek


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