It drains my brain and nothing, unreal, angry Čvančar for the referee

Vit Cerny, Reuters

You only started as a substitute, did you want to prove all the more that you belong to the base?

At the age of 21, I think I start quite a lot and regularly, the coach gives me a chance. And I think I’m giving them back goals. Of course, I was a little surprised, because I scored two goals against Randers, then Pardubice. That’s why I didn’t expect that at all. I was set in my head to play. But I didn’t feel wrong or anything like that. Quite the contrary. I wanted us to win and I knew that when I came, it would be up to me to score a goal. I focused only on myself and fortunately it fell through there.

You leveled ten minutes after changing heads with a corner kick. Did the jump go timing better?

I had a good view. I scored a similar goal at home, just now it was very high. I was just making sure my opponent didn’t hold me back or stop me from jumping. I ran and saw the balloon fly the whole time. I could have kept it a secret and I think I succeeded. I was very tall and at that moment he probably couldn’t even overwhelm me.

I scored two goals, the returning self-critically returned Krejčí

How do you rate the chance to advance from the group now?

The important thing is that we kept them behind us. But we could have three points from my point of view if he whistled a penalty that was 100%. Of course, we caught up with the result and we were a little lucky that we pushed two goals there like this. God forbid to draw. But let’s also talk about the fact that, from my point of view, it could have been three points.

Do you mean a penalty for Marxen Kratochvíl’s shot?

Let no one be angry with me, it’s unreal! There was a clear penalty in Alkmaar, which slowly drains my brain. And here the opponent hits Kráťa in the hand, the referee is a meter away and he can’t see it! This just amazes me. We are probably not yet such a strong team in Europe to whistle such a controversial situation. Although this is not a controversial situation for me. These are two penalties that cost us more points. It annoys us all the more.

You scored three goals out of four for Randers. Do you feel like a specialist for the Danish team?

If I had another one, fine, but not like that. If we kick a penalty, maybe I’ll take it. I would already be a specialist. (Laughs)

Jablonec made a two-goal loss and he has a point

Did Wednesday’s invitation to the under-21 national team also encourage you?

I guess I’m not completely “blowing away”. Honestly now, I’m excited about the match, and it’s actually been a few times that someone wants to deal with the national team with me. I think my form is pretty good in the long run. And probably if she hadn’t come now, I’d wonder when else.



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