It defends itself! Laura Bozzo’s ex-partner says he never hit her

In an interview for De Primera Mano, Cristian Zuárez defended himself from the statements made by the driver against him.

“No, I never hit her and what she said in a program was totally a lie. We came from a party, she was drunk and she had made me feel ashamed by screaming in front of people,” you began. “We got here to the apartment, I grabbed my suitcase and Laura grabs my hair from behind, I turn around and there was a wooden door, Laura turns around and hits her eyebrow, falls down and I see her all bleeding.”

Due to this, Cristian assured that he was about to jump off a balcony, however, Laura Bozzo’s daughter prevented him.

“I run to the balcony to jump, I was tired of the situation. On the other side is Alejandra, the daughter, she screams, she took Laura out of there, took her at 1:30 in the morning and called a doctor to operate on her “, he assured.


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