Issues and Evaluations of the Jabodebek LRT Operations

Issues and Evaluations of the Jabodebek LRT Operations


The Coordinating Minister for the Economy Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan spoke about operations Greater Jakarta LRT which is still plagued with disturbances. Luhut emphasized that there was no mistake in the Jabodebek LRT.

“Look, the LRT doesn’t have any mistakes thingumajigIt’s still just being calibrated,” said Luhut at the Presidential Palace Complex, Central Jakarta, Friday (1/9/2023).

Luhut asked the public not to continue making a fuss over the Jabodebek LRT, considering that this is the first light rail built by the nation’s children.

“So don’t keep making noise aja. This is what the nation’s children are making for the first time, was China first then Japan didn’t experience something like this? Yes experience it,” he said.

Luhut also confirmed that an evaluation would be carried out on the operation of the Jabodebek LRT. Including subject headway or the distance between train departures that many complain about.

“Oh yes, let’s evaluate earlier, I talked to the Minister of Transportation, right? That’s also a new train set for 16, then it will continue to 22-36 and so on. Headwaywe want 4 minutes. Now what? 8 minutes, 12 minutes. It’s slowly going down as well as the calibration, it might take the next few months,” said Luhut.

“So there’s no need to be too fussy saying that this is how it all takes time, people get married aja It takes time,” he added.

As is known, the operation of the Jabodebek LRT which was inaugurated by Jokowi on August 28 was marred by disturbances and passenger complaints. The disturbance occurred among the train doors. Another disturbance was the blackout of electricity at Halim Station. The Jabodebek LRT also experienced delays until the AC had turned off.

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