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Israeli doctor dispels Russian myths about COVID-19

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“Nothing to do with pneumonia”

A doctor from Israel and an expert in the field of evidence-based medicine Boris Bril, on his Instagram page, dispelled myths about a new type of coronavirus infection, which people in Russia and other countries believe in.

In particular, the specialist says that COVID-19 is a systemic disease that affects the lungs, but, according to him, it is not pneumonia.

“This is not pneumonia! This is a lung injury, they die from ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, – Prim” MK “) and from a cytokine storm, thrombosis. Nothing to do with pneumonia,” the doctor shared his point of view. According to Bril, in the Russian Federation they make the wrong diagnosis, not distinguishing pneumonia from viral lung damage.

As the expert noted, if patients are diagnosed with pneumonia with COVID-19, then this diagnosis is treated, but it is incorrect. At the same time, he pointed out that viral diseases are not treated with antibiotics, and they should not be taken for prophylactic purposes under any circumstances.

In addition, Bril also writes about immunomodulating and antiviral agents popular in Russia, as well as indirect anticoagulants, which are not drugs and are not able to help in the treatment of any disease, including a new type of coronavirus. HIV drugs, vitamins and zinc are also not a cure for COVID-19, he summed up.


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