Israeli air raids on Gaza after launching fireballs – Last Hour

(ANSA) – GAZA, JUN 16 – The Israeli air force carried out a series of raids in the Gaza Strip after the launch of fireballs from Palestinian territory in southern Israel. Palestinian security sources and witnesses reported this and the Israeli defense forces later confirmed it.

These are the first major incidents between Israel and Gaza since the ceasefire on May 21, which ended 11 days of a blitzkrieg that resulted in 260 Palestinian deaths and 13 deaths in Israel. And also the first since a new coalition government took power in Israel, ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in power.

According to Palestinian sources, the Israeli air force has targeted at least one site east of the city of Khan Younes in southern Gaza. An AFP photojournalist in Khan Younes saw the explosions.

The Israeli Defense Force said that in response to the “incendiary balloons”, its “fighter jets hit military complexes belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization”. He added that “facilities and meeting places for terrorist agents” were targeted in Khan Younes.

The fire balloons, which according to local firefighters caused about twenty fires in southern Israel, were launched in conjunction with the ultra-nationalist march held yesterday in the old city of Jerusalem. (HANDLE).


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