Israel Attacked by Rockets Until Wuhan Residents Stormed Supermarkets

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A number of events occurred in various parts of the world on Wednesday (4/8). Starting from Israel attacked rocket from Lebanon to citizens WuhanChina frantically stormed supermarkets after Covid-19 was discovered again.

1. Israel Strikes Rocket from Lebanon, Cannon Fire Returns

Two of the three rocket attacks launched from the direction of Lebanon hit Israel on Wednesday (4/8).

Israel then responded to the rocket fire with artillery fire towards Lebanon.

The rocket attack came after an attack on a tanker operated by an Israeli company off the coast of Oman last week. Iran is accused of being behind the attack that killed two crew members who are British and Romanian nationals, respectively.

A witness in Lebanon reported several rockets were fired at Israel.

Sirens warning of rocket attacks were heard in Israel, including in the town of Kiryat Shmona, near the Lebanese border.

2. Israel Confirms Willing to Face Iran Alone

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett insists that his country is capable of attacking Iran alone.

Bennett made the point when he rallied global powers to pressure Iran over the attack on an Israeli-run tanker off the coast of Oman last week.

“We work to rally the world, but at the same time we also know to act alone,” he said.

Israel accuses Iran of being behind the drone strike that hit the tanker Mercer Street in the Arabian Sea. Two crew members died in the attack, a Briton and a Romanian.

3. Covid Appears Again in Wuhan, Residents Panic Invade Supermarkets

Residents of Wuhan, China stormed supermarkets following fears of a new lockdown following the discovery of seven new cases of Covid-19.

Residents flocked to supermarkets to buy daily necessities for fear that the Chinese government would re-implement the lockdown.

They buy groceries and household needs in preparation for when the lockdown rules are implemented, like last year when cases of the corona virus broke out in the city.

To avoid worrying too much, the authorities are trying to guarantee the stock of necessities.

“(We will) calm the panicked atmosphere of the townspeople,” an official said Tuesday (3/8) quoted by the UK Express.


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