Isoman Vs Isoter, Which is More Effective in Handling Covid-19 Patients? This is what health experts say


JAKARTA – The government recently issued an advisory that patients positive for Covid-19 do centralized isolation (Isoter) compared self isolation (Isoman). This even applies to Covid-19 patients who experience mild symptoms.

According to Health Expert and Covid-19 Volunteer Doctor, Dr. Muhamad Fajri Adda’i, centralized isolation is more ideal because it can immediately treat patients as quickly as possible when in an emergency or emergency condition.

“Indeed, ideally, the thing called isolation is monitored. The goal is for tighter supervision, so that if there is an incident that needs to be handled, such as an emergency, it can be handled quickly,” said Dr Fajri when contacted by MNC Portal, Sunday (29/8/2021).

In addition to monitoring the patient’s condition, centralized isolation also prevents Covid-19 patients from transmitting the virus to others. Be it to family members at home, as well as to the surrounding environment.

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“For example, at home, the supervision is lacking. For example, patients can travel alone everywhere even though they have to isolate themselves. Is there a case? many. There are even people who sell satay even though they have to be isolated independently,” he explained.

Another reason, he continued, is to reduce the death rate while self-isolating at home. Based on data from LaporCovid-19 in July 2021, there have been approximately 2,000 patients who died while undergoing self-isolation.

Moreover, there is currently a Delta variant which is more contagious than the previous variant. Therefore, centralized isolation is more urgent to do.

“The former variant, it is very natural when the isolation is centralized, especially the Delta variant, of course the urgency is higher. Because of what? Because it is clear that the Delta variant is more contagious and one house can be infected, the potential risk of transmission is enormous,” he said.



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