ISOC is beating! Some of the Facebook clues, the IO, the army explained it is a personal account, we do not relate.

ISOC is beating! Facebook knot, some IO, the army clarified it as a personal account, we are not related to the ISOC page, still in good condition, no policy according to the news.

On March 4, 64 at the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC), Lieutenant General Thanathip Sawangsaeng, ISOC spokesman revealed that according to Reuters Presenting news of the Facebook account closure, including a total of 185 Facebook Pages and groups that can be detected that applied for information operations or IO linked to the Thai Army and ISOC.

By posting content supporting the military, supporting the monarchy, calling for peace in the southern border provinces, attacking separatists. Without making it clear that these accounts are related to that government agency

ISOC would like to clarify that ISOC was unaware of the Facebook account being removed as it was news. Due to the use of Facebook (Facebook) as a personal account Not affiliated with the organization (ISOC). Deleting an account from Facebook. Constitutes the deletion of the personal account Currently, the Facebook page of ISOC. Can still be used normally

Major General Thanathip said ISOC had no policy for the unit to operate according to the news from ISOC’s policy to act as a central coordinating center to drive coordination. In helping and alleviating suffering for the people Is a refuge for the people who have been affected by the distress Which ISOC has always adhered to as a practice guideline

ISOC’s social media use is aimed at promoting the activities and works of ISOC to quickly create awareness of useful information to the people. Ready to acknowledge the needs of the people In order to improve and resolve various problems that arise for the people according to their needs And can improve the quality of life for the better In accordance with the government policy

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Currently, ISOC has a Call Center 1374 receiving security reports. It is another way to make people’s lives safe in life and property.

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