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Isis oil arrived in Italy, in Sardinia, in the Saras refineries in Sarroch. Twenty-five ships between 2015 and 2016 with 12 million mineral oils, which would have enabled the company 40% controlled by the Moratti family to kill the market thanks to very advantageous purchase prices. By defrauding the Italian tax authorities for at least 130 million euros, while the Daesh terrorists would have financed the jihad.

On 30 September, the Sardinian anti-terrorism prosecutor searched the offices of Saras in Cagliari and Milan: investigated by pm Guido Pani and Danilo Tronci the company’s top management from the CFO Franco Balsamo to the head of the commercial office Marco Schiavetti. The crime hypotheses range in various ways from money laundering to forgery, ending with tax offenses.

According to the documents, the cargo is moved by Petraco Oil company, company with registered office in London and with its main operating branch in Lugano. The records show that the company purchased “the mineral oils from Edgwaters Falls, a company in the Virgin Islands”. Which in turn had bought the cargo from a Turkish company. Who had bought the cargo in Iraq, it is not clear where.

Investigations by the Guardia di Finanza have clarified that Edgewater is an offshore “shell company” owned by Petraco itself, that the cargo probably never passed through Turkey as shown by the bubbles but came directly from Iraq and that it was not managed by the Iraqi state oil company, “the only one authorized by international law”, but it was moved first by the Kurds and then by the Daesh terrorists.

Saras reclaims about 14 billion to the Petraco Oil company, then there are transfers to a series of sister companies, including Edgewaters, the one in charge of dirty business. Three tranches of payment leave from the Virgin Islands that have ended up under the attention of investigators: the first of 217 million dollars towards a Turkish company, Powertrans, which according to the documents should have supplied the oil; there is a payment of 4 billion to the Kurdish federal government, specifically towards the Ministry of Economy and Natural Resources (the oil was theirs); at the German branch of Unicredit a reversal of 60 million made by Edgewaters to the Kurdish government. Moreover from Edgewaters accounts there are other wire transfers for $ 3.6 billion without indication of the beneficiary. The magistrates speculate that the ownership of the crude oil was no longer Kurdish, but ISIS.

Always on The Republic on newsstands today there is also the Saras replies: “Our behavior was impeccable. No offense: we have provided all the documentation to the judiciary, in which we reiterate our trust and cooperation”.

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