ISC receives books in indigenous languages ​​and for reading rooms

Hermosillo, Sonora; January 13, 2021. The Sonoran Institute of Culture (ISC) has received 13 collections of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States in indigenous languages ​​and collections for 86 mediators of Reading Rooms in the state.

Jesús Federico Castillo Duarte, liaison for Public Libraries and the Reading Rooms Program at the ISC, reported that the General Directorate of Libraries of the Ministry of Culture has distributed 37 thousand books published exclusively in indigenous languages ​​to be distributed in the National Library Network.

“We know that in the middle of the pandemic there is no access to spaces as valuable as our libraries, but while we return we will activate programs to disseminate these collections through librarians, reading mediators and allies in the promotion of writing and editorial work,” he said.

He specified the importance of having books in native languages ​​in public libraries, to revalue their culture in documents that will last in time and memory; the 13 collections will be destined to libraries in Benito Juárez, Caborca, Cajeme, Cananea, Empalme, Guaymas, Hermosillo, Navojoa, Nogales, Puerto Peñasco and San Miguel de Horcasitas.

On the other hand, Castillo Duarte reported that at the end of December they received 43 boxes with the 2020 collections of the Reading Rooms program for 86 mediators, which will be sent along with eight ISC editorial news, which will include works by winning authors of the Sonoran Book Contest and the Sonora Editorial Program.

The ISC’s Program for the Promotion of Reading, Writing and Editorial Work has stood out for an important activity in libraries, book bazaars, mobile library, presence at festivals, attention to specific audiences, book donations, programs to link with mediators reading and book presentations.

From March to December 2020, various activities were carried out to promote reading and writing, through the Digital Sound Culture program and the “Literary Autumn” meeting, as well as contests and online training programs; For this 2021, actions will continue to maintain and consolidate the reading promotion agenda, especially of authors born in Sonora or with residence in the state.

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