Isa’s opinion on the episode of 11/30/21

Listen, Samuele Carniani could be the most false of all, it could just be the umpteenth character who plays the part of the perfect man and instead is the first of the clowns, it could be all, years of Men and women we got used to so much fintume (today this word fits me perfectly in every opinion, since GF VIP a U&D) that we would not put our hand on the fire for anyone, however, as the option fintume there is for everyone, and the counter-proof can only be had at the end of the program, as long as the program is in progress we can only rely on what is shown to us, and not only for what is shown to us Samuele it seems to me flawless and unassailable, but it also seems to me that he would be one of those who would be fully justified if he finally said no.

Roberta Giusti takes it for granted, reduces the TRAVEL with him only to the great physical attraction, she does not give weight to the relevant gestures he made for her (because if a man did the kilometers only to come and deliver a gift in a place that leads him back to me, even if I physically do not there are, I would be like in mystical ecstasy) and even when he, totally ignored almost the totality of the time, gets up and leaves, he continues to think about talking to the other.

In the face of all this if Samuele, even if taken, he printed a nice no and told her that if he wants to, he must prove it to her, well, I would get up on the chair to give the standing ovation.

The fact is that a Roberta really like it more Luca Salatino, you are probably right when you say that they are more similar, that you see him more in your life, basically in the approaches, in the language and in the mood they seem to me very much in the same vein, in short.

And if until now I have always expressed my preference for Samuele, underlining however the authenticity and spontaneity of Luca, now the Salatino he starts to smell a little bit: and first TOTALLY AT RANDOM he starts writing to Ida Platano carving out a part also in Throne wherer in which he had nothing to do with a bat, and then he does not show up on the outside but starts to answer the questions of the followers on Instagram… nothing nothing that a Salatino Does the side dish interest you more than what theoretically should be the main course?

Among other things, when today he made all that speech about the fact that not all are compatible, that not all people, even if attracted, can be together, that when he speaks she does not understand him and vice versa, that they cannot perceive the ‘one the point of view of the other and blah blah, I had that immense feeling of hands put forward for the finale.

Anyway, Robbè, do as you please, just hurry up because, I will tell you, in the end your thrones and Andrea Nicole Conte They weren’t too bad compared to other horror stuff seen recently, but you’ve both been with two suitors since this summer, do you want to eat it I’m pandoro with some of these guys or do we have to see photocopy episodes until 2022?

Marcello Messina he’s gone and, he won’t want me to go, but I owl a lot about his new relationship with her chick who has entered the agency because I want SO MUCH THAT YOU COME BACK.

After ‘andate a l-a-v-o-r-a-r-e‘:

Men and Women - Marcello Messina

e ‘if it wasn’t me you in here WHAT FACEEEEEEVI

Men and women

today, speaking with Armando Incarnato, gave us this:

M – You have been here for four years! I can’t date someone out by coming here on the program, doesn’t it work like that? But then what do you want, but be good! It seems strange to me that a man stays here for four years and doesn’t know anyone outside, that seems strange to me

A- Are you talking about me?

M- But why are you a man? You are a man? YOU ARE A MAN?

Men and women

MARCELLO ALREADY I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU, I MISS YOU, I miss looking at you while you sleep, while you dance, while you dream and above all while you scare Army as you know how to do!

Dai, MarcyBut what will this one out of here, come on, come back, here you are doing a service to the nation, you cannot leave us the mercy of the waves, you cannot leave us at the mercy of the gang, NOT THAT LASSàààààààààà!

What then today is one of those days, huh. Today is one of those days. Today I have practically always agreed with Gianny. You know who to agree with Gianny it puts me in a daze and I no longer know if I’m on the right side.

But it was all nice: the audience dribbling at every insult addressed to Army, Marcello che elegantly buried it, the disgusted face of the Ida Weeping, the Galgani with the mute connection, Isabella Ricci who, with the smile of someone who is 10 spans above, invited Marcy to no longer respond toInspector Colombo because if no one answers him, if the controversies he orchestrates are not mounted, he simply does not exist … it was all beautiful.

And I feel bad at the thought of that the Resistance is about to abandon us en bloc and that the Combriccola it will have free ground again to feed us other years of C-series theaters. Do you know what consoles me? That in the end we turn off the tv and go back to our lives, Marcello, Isabella and other normal participants, leave the Elios and they go back to their own lives, other people are trapped in life related to Elios, they can no longer even imagine an existence that is not linked to Trono over from Men and women. And I think this, after all, is the greatest punishment, even if they don’t realize it.

Video of the episode: Full betMarcello: “I don’t judge. Why do you judge me? “External by Roberta and SamueleSamuele: “Roberta I show you a lot and you …”External by Roberta and LucaLuca: “Roberta you don’t value what I do”Gianni: “Samuele you got up and Roberta …”Maria: “Luca you basically told Roberta that you don’t care”


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