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Isabella Ricci announces separation from Fabio Mantovani: Details and Wedding Recap

Isabella Ricci, former face of Men and Women, confesses her separation from Fabio Mantovani, a former knight known in the broadcast and married just a year ago.

Isabella Ricciformer face of Men and womenformalize the separation from Fabio Mantovani. After the rumors that they were now increasingly distant, it is the former lady of the throne over the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi on Canale5 to communicate the break. The woman did not enter into the merits of the reasons that helped to push them away but the published post reveals a certain disappointment. As if she herself had just woken up from an impossible dream that she had believed possible.

The post with which Isabella Ricci announced the separation

On June 6, I legally separated. When it’s too good to be true, it’s not”, so Isabella announced the separation from her husband. The woman preferred not to add anything else to the numerous questions received from fans. She remained silent while, under the post with which she formalized the separation from her ex-husband, questions multiplied about the decision to separate.

The wedding of Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani

Isabella Ricci and Fabio Mantovani got married on May 28, 2022. The wedding celebrated with a civil ceremony had arrived a few months after the acquaintance began a Men and women. They had left the show together at the end of 2021, immediately announcing their intention to give a solid turn to their relationship. The wedding had come less than six months from that moment. Immediately after the wedding, Isabella and Fabio had moved to Dubai, the city in which they had chosen to elect their residence. But that dream lived for about a year was interrupted and Isabella’s post confirms it. The two had not appeared together for months, to the point that the fans had begun to realize the difficult climate that had arisen around the couple. Only in the last few hours, however, has the official announcement arrived.

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